Suburban Garden was built to guarantee business on the streetcar line. The Suburban Garden lifespan was very short compared to the other parks of the day, such as Highlands or Delmar Garden. Suburban Garden was a long rectangle shaped park. The Suburban Scenic Railway ran parallel to the Hodimont Street streetcar right-of-way and formed the east border of the park. Just past Kennedy Avenue was where the streetcar made its loop under the scenic railway to drop off people at the park. Suburban Garden was short on mechanical attractions, but did possess a scenic railway, carousel, and Circle Swing. The park relied on its many covered pavilions for band recitals, a dance hall, and seven ornate fountains to keep the customers satisfied. The park was bordered by Kienlen Avenue on its west side.
St. Louis had 8 amusement parks in its' history. That's more than any other city in the US! Bob Haefner sent me this shot from a Google map showing footings left from Suburban Garden. It's sort of ironic that the only remains of a park left, are from one of the oldest parks in the city.