photo above added Jan 21, 2018: Mannion's Amusement Park, St Louis, MO - 1920's.
photos above and below added Jan 21, 2018: Mannion's Amusement Park, St Louis, MO - 1920's.
photo credits: Jim McDonnell & Doug Garner
For many years, I had heard of a mysterious park once located on S. Broadway. No one I had talked to from St Louis knew too much except that there was a park on S. Broadway. Thanks to a fellow researcher, Patrick McKinny, I now know the approximate location and name of this mysterious park. He even sent this cool 1929 aerial shot. One of the pictures in my collection I thought was the Chain of Rocks Comet (below) was actually the coaster at Mannion's Park. So, I contacted my computer God, Ken to add this new page. Hardly anything is known about this park.  The location was S. Broadway, Catalan St. and Lorentz Ave. 

After doing a bit more research,  I found that three of the older parks in early St. Louis history were actually at this same location. The earliest was Mannion's Park, as early as 1899. On June 4th, 1918, a raid by the local police happened after soldiers from the nearby Jefferson Barracks were caught buying liquor from bootleggers on Mannion's Park property. Souter's Park started in or about 1940, and finally in 1947, Downs' Park. There was also a Chute-the-Chutes ride at Hashagen's Park, located at Grand Ave. and Merrimac.
Map added March 14, 2012