If you were traveling west on Rt. 40, just past Macklind on the south side, the structure of the Comets' turn would explode into view, especially if you were an 8 year old boy. You knew you were passing by the Highlands. If seeing the Comet wasn't glorious enough, the next structure to take away a 8 year olds' breath, showed up next. This was the Flying Turns until the late forties, then it had a name change and was now called the Bobsleds. It looked like a giant wooden tube winding its way though roller coaster structure. A red topped tunnel up the entire lift hill added to its mystery.
This web page will give you a bit of the beginnings of such a unique ride. It will also show you what the other examples looked like and where they were, from the smallest at Dayton, to the largest & tallest, a 127' wooden behemoth on the top of the palisades over looking the Hudson River, just across the river from NYC. So enjoy another trip back in time.
The first prototype Flying Turns was built at Lakeside Park in Dayton, OH in 1931.
Flying Turns at Rocky Point Park in Warwick, Rhode Island.
Flying Turns at Riverview Park, Chicago, IL
Flying Turns at Euclid Beach Park, Cleveland, Ohio.
More Flying Turns photos coming: Palisades Park, Coney Island

and more!