Delmar Garden was the prettiest and most complete of the early St. Louis amusement parks. Beautiful buildings with red tiled roofs and multiple columns made this park a step above the rest. It was more successful than most of the early trolley parks, some of which lasted only a few years. Situated on Delmar Avenue, it was just west of the large greyhound racetrack in University City. Delmar Garden had at least three roller coasters that have been documented. The Figure Eight, a scenic railway, and a later coaster on an elevated structure called the Alpine Roadway, which had cars that looked like early automobiles. Delmar Garden also had a moving picture theater, and separate theaters for live entertainment. Soon the land became too valuable, the park was becoming run down, and Delmar Gardens was removed.
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photo above added Feb 11, 2019: Backety-Back Railway coaster
photo above added Feb 11, 2019: Backety-Back Railway coaster.
The Backety-Back Railway in 1910. photo above added December 6, 2013
photo above added Feb 28, 2020: The Aerial Auto Racer was a new novelty attractions in which coaster cars made to look like automobiles raced along an elevated track complete with coaster-like hills. The exact years that this was in operation is unknown but there were several of these rides around the USA mainly during the 1910's.
1908 Map